Treats and Levels FAQ

  • What are Tiers and Levels?
    Tiers are a fun way to indicate your status in The Zoo. As you engage in the app, give and receive licks, make and share posts and participate in PetShows your Tier will go up. Tiers are denoted by the colored badge in your profile and on posts. Levels are subdivisions within Tiers that help celebrate the progress you've made. There are 10 levels within a tier, once you've past the 10th level in a Tier you graduate to the next Tier! Levels are denoted by the number in your Tier badge.  
  • What are Treats?
    Treats are the way for you to increase your Levels and Tiers. By doing certain things in the app (e.g. logging in every day, making posts, licking posts, receiving licks) you earn Treats. Once you hit certain Treat thresholds you unlock higher Levels and Tiers.
  • How can I increase my Level and Tier?
    You can increase your Level and Tier by earning Treats. The total number of Treats you've earned in your lifetime (Lifetime Earned) determines your Level and Tier. Your Level and Tier can only go up. It will never go down. You can see the Treat thresholds for earning certain levels and tiers by tapping on your Tier badge in your profile.
  • How can I earn Treats?
    You can earn Treats by performing certain actions in The Zoo. Some of those include
    • Logging in every day
    • Making a post
    • Sharing a post
    • Giving Licks
    • Receiving Licks
    • Participating in PetShow
    For a full list of how to earn treats, tap your Treat Balance in the top left of your profile.
  • How can I spend Treats?
    Right now you can only use Treats to earn Tiers and Levels. In the future, we plan to add fun ways to spend these Treats you have earned. When we do, you will be able to spend any of the Treats that are listed in your "Available to Spend" balance listed in the Treats section of your profile.
  • Can other Pets see my Tier, Level and Treat balance?
    Other pets WILL be able to see your Tier and Level in the form of a badge that sits next to your username on your posts. But other pets WILL NOT be able to see the your "Lifetime Treats" or "Available to Spend" treats.
  • How can I access more information on my specific Tier, Level and Treat balances
    All information relating to your Treats, Tiers and Levels can be found in your profile. To see your current Tier and Level and how far you are away from the next Tier and Level, tap on the Tier listed under your username in your profile. To see more information your current Treat totals, tap on the your Treat Balance in the top left corner of your profile.
  • Why did I start at the Tier I did?
    Most pets new to The Zoo will start out at Zoobie Level 1. However, as we first roll out Tiers we wanted to give pets "credit" for the actions they have already taken in the The Zoo. So for pets who were already in the app at the time of rollout (November 5, 2020) we awarded Treats (and Tiers) to these pets based on the following criteria
    • The # of days a pet has been active in The Zoo
    • The # of licks a pet has received across all their posts
    • The # of followers a pet has
    We expect this to be just a little bit of a head start however, over time pets will earn many more treats than these just by participating and having fun in the app!
  • What does this mean for the old Zooperstar badge?
    Pets who used to be Zooperstars will become "Verified Pets" and keep the paw print badge. We do have plans for Zooperstar in the near future so stay tuned!